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The Energy Problem - Part 8

Look Around You, What You Are Standing On, And Everything In This World Is ENERGY


Check out this article:
This is interesting. The straight dope from the Fed Reserve of Cleveland. Notice the chart from their article that shows once inflation goes up unemployment has a tough time at recovering even after decades. And it doesn't help when wage increases on the employed stagnate.
*** Higher gasoline prices in the past 13 years going from around $1.35 to today's average around $3.50 caused businesses to increase prices to make up for higher travel costs added to their products. Each product travels on average 1400-1700 petroleum miles. The article doesn't mention energy (just "inflationary effects") but that is where we and businesses immediately begin to feel it daily/weekly. The article states:
"When monetary policy attempts to raise employment above a level consistent with stable inflation, however, consumers, businesses, and wage earners eventually catch on and begin to anticipate the inflationary effects of the policy on all prices and wages. Producers of goods discover that they can increase their profit margins by raising prices at the cost of lower levels of output and therefore demand fewer employees. So any trade off between inflation and unemployment eventually breaks down, resulting in permanently higher inflation but no lasting gains in employment."
People should be aware since it is hard to pinpoint economic info sometimes.

One may ask why the caged bird sings? Maya Angelou in her book/poem "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings" says:

"I know why the caged bird sings, ah me,
When his wing is bruised and his bosom sore,
When he beats his bars and would be free;
It is not a carol of joy or glee,
But a prayer that he sends from his heart's deep core,
But a plea, that upward to Heaven he flings –
I know why the caged bird sings."

It's easy to think that the birds song is beautiful, joyful music not understanding that it is pain, anguish and a prayer that is falling on the ears that don't or can't hear. It really hurts the spirit when we see or hear of protests throughout the world from the Occupy Wall Street movement to Egypt or a crying starving child in Africa and these words fall on deaf ears of a cognitive dissonant, apathetic public, humans who don't care to understand the plight of other humans. What a world where people kill and hurt each other. Where does evil come? When we begin to understand that wood was the first energy source that was widely used, consumed, burned, exploited to make tools, smelt ores, gold, silver, iron into weapons of war. The controlling of wood, which is stored sunlight, free energy from the sun and that it has been used from the beginning of time to build great civilizations just to have them conquered by armies for their spoils. Great civilizations have been built on the backs of, from the destruction of, conquering of, other great former civilizations. Ships of wood were built to explore for more minerals, elements, precious metals and of course to conquer other civilizations.

J.P. Morgan said "The meek shall inherit the earth but not the mineral rights."

Henry Kissinger in 1973 stated "Who controls the food supply controls the people. Who controls the energy can control whole continents; who can control the money can control the world."

Food, Energy, Money( gold/silver/elements, the world, carbon/the dirt we stand on) are all subatomic particles which is ENERGY. Where does evil come? From gaining control and more specifically the control of all energy. It is no coincidence and it is no coincidence that the world is in the shape that it is in.

Until people begin to understand the importance and the concept of "energy" in our lives and how it effects and impacts us on a daily, weekly... yearly... or throughout a lifetime, you, me, we, will be chained and shackled only thinking that we are free. In fact it is all an illusion. We don't have to be chained to dirty fuels and the petroleum model. It is time to wake up yourselves, wake up friends and wake up your families. It doesn't have to be this way.
If a caged bird in the forest sings and there is no one around to hear it, did it still make a sound? That is a philosophical question which may be debated by physicists and philosophers. But one thing is for sure, the sound and energy frequencies and those who can hear the metaphor definitely felt it.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Energy Problem - Part 7


Energy On The Brain

   This next post was intended to be about my recent trip back east to visit family and to visit the birthplace of the Petroleum Industry in Titusville, PA but, do to the election, I am posting this post today, which is election day. To dispel any pre-cognitions that I am writing this to try to sway anyone to the left or right, up and down, black, blue, white, red... well, I know, that is not going to happen. I believe everyone, on the earth, has the right to choose what they want to believe. Whether it is politics, religion, any other belief system or if one wants to don fake fangs and go out at night and bark at the moon... it is not my place to say what to do (besides I am intentionally posting this after when most people would have voted). Negative politics and religion is a form of bullying. I would also ask that anyone else, that may read this, not judge me under any particular light.
  I have asked myself the same question, in the last 8-10 years and last two elections, which of the candidates do I feel right about that is concerned with the ENERGY PROBLEM? Which person has in mind the individual persons god given right to choose? Who is concerned with what is happening in the world today when it comes to the direction of our country. And how WE are affecting others in their countries and their right to choose and live freely, even if their governments may not be as free and open as we are in the USA?  How many innocent people, who are trying to just meet their daily needs for themselves and their families need to DIE so that we in the western world can drive our cars and SUV's around? All human beings on earth, like plants and weeds, should be able to THRIVE freely.
  I look back to the last 12 years and the many events that have taken place and I question, would many of these same events have happened if we were not so addicted to oil as George W. Bush confirmed in one of his public addresses not so many years ago? Alan Greenspan in his book "Age Of Turbulence" that came out in 2007, even stated - "I am saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows: the Iraq war is largely about oil." See article  The former, almost two decade Federal Reserve Chairman, was well aware of the U.S. and World predicament when it came to oil and energy, since the Fed along with many other financial institutions, oil companies, and even  the U.S politicians have kept us "addicted" to oil and fossil fuels in the past 100 years. It goes back   even further into the 19th century.
  It is sobering to think, if it wasn't for electricity and great inventors such as Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, we would have ran out of "CHEAP AFFORDABLE" oil/fossil fuel products a long, long, long time ago. We may never run out of oil and fossil fuels, they will just be so expensive that only a small percentage of us will be able to comfortably afford them. It's hard to imagine if all of our light came from kerosene or other fossil fuel products, and there were no electrical wiring to connect our homes and businesses, where would the state of the world be? Where would we be in the second industrial revolution? Or, how would our horseless carriages (cars) operate without electrical wiring? We don't give these great electrical engineers the credit and place in history that they deserve. Nikola Tesla has, for the most part, been written out of the history books. 
  Even if I had posted this yesterday, weeks or even months ago, most peoples minds would have already been made up because of political, religious or other preconceived beliefs. Now we will all sit back and be happy or disappointed at the end of the day of the election results. The problem will still not be resolved in the next four, eight or 100 years until we all wake up to the realization of this problem. And until we all start to "lock arms" and not "lock horns", it will still not be resolved. Many will say and think, like myself, I am glad that the elections are over. But many will go back to their normal lives of watching TV, or watching their favorite shows and follow their sports team, the criticizing of the other "winning or losing" side, that nothing will still get solved. Most will turn off the "lights" and go "right back to sleep."
  I am saddened to have not heard from either candidate a future, workable solution to work toward. Basically, the best they could do is say we will only dig and drill deeper and deeper into the earth for more fossil fuels. Physics has shown, and it has been said in so many words, that within the palm of a hand of unseen atoms, there is enough energy to run the earth for years and from the air all around us, forever. I don't believe that nature, God or the universe created billions, trillions or even "worlds without number", without providing enough energy to sustain life on them. The "drill baby drill" solution is not the kind of "out of the box" thinking that we need to solve the energy problem.
  I often feel like I am living alone in an alternate world, a living nightmare, where the air is a dim dark blueish gray, filled with beds of white linens. Everyone is asleep and I am going around to everyones bed trying to wake them up, but they never, ever wake. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Energy Problem - Part 6 Side Note


The Foreign Policy Article


My Comments/Opinion:
Every product that is sold around the world has been estimated that it travels on average 1400-1700 petroleum miles when averaging products that travel less than a few miles locally to products that travel halfway around the world. That means every time Wall Street and the markets round the world speculate and raise the price of oil per barrel our products go up in price, which causes inflation and our dollar is devalued. If I had a t-shirt business and continually, over 150 year period get the markets to speculate that we are running out of cotton, that would certainly put alot of fear in the market and drive up the price of cotton. Then of course what happens is investors and consumers go out and buy up all the t-shirts, cotton related products. I could make a bundle of money in that scenario by selling t-shirts/cotton at a higher price. Then more cotton is eventually grown and the scenario gets repeated.
This cycle is not good for consumers when scarcity then glut of abundance repeats itself year after year manipulated by the market. There is nothing wrong with companies making money in a "free market" but it is the constant manipulation of the commodities that hurts us all and our children's future. We should not be selling our "birth rights" for a bowl of porridge. What kind of a future do we want if we can not all thrive? We need to wean the world from petroleum with more diversification of all energies so that markets around the world can stabilize with the preservation of institutions as well as steady growth.
When the Commodities Futures and Modernization Act (CFMA) was passed in the U.S. Senate in Dec., 2000 and passed into law Jan, 2001 the horses were off and running. Within a few years the prices were going up and have not gone down since. People need to read about how the CFMA deregulated the oil industries and financial institutions allowing the now wild speculation in oil futures and allowed the financial institutions to do what they did in the U.S. and World economies.

Until this changes, more speculation, manipulation, inflation and non recovering economies will continue with bouts of recession/depression. It is better to spread 10 apples around to 5 children then to give them all to one child and let the others go hungry.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

The Energy Problem - Part 5 Side Note


The Gates Notes Article

My Comments/Opinion:
The future of transportation is and should be electric cars. The distribution network is already there. Electricity in America is pretty much everywhere, all we need are the electrical hookups. All gas stations have electricity and only need the hookups, same at home or work. Natural gas as well as gasoline should be used to create electricity. If gasoline was used to make electricity using an efficient engine we could get 2-3 times or more energy from a gallon.
The electric grid is the distribution system and is already in place across the country and growing all over the world. Gasoline/natural gas/coal could be burned/converted to electricity. Gasoline and natural gas are the bombs and the less transportation of them, the safer they would be. Convert them to electricity and then use the electric grid to transport the electricity. Gas/electric hybrids could be used to wean us off petroleum and transition us to "all" electric in 10-15 years or less.
Gas/fuel stations could employ switchable battery packs that are previously charged and ready to be switched out like a cartridge and it could be done quickly. If all electric cars had switchable battery packs or an additional battery pack to the permanent built in batteries, then refueling would be quick without a lengthy recharge delay. We, the people of the world, need to "think" more efficiently and innovatively. Paraphrasing what Einstein said - We can't change the world with the same type of thinking that created it.

Toshiba announced back in 2005 that it could recharge a lithium-ion battery in minutes.
See link.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Energy Problem - Part 4 Side Note

The Freakenomics Article

My Comments/Opinion: 
The following/below are comments that I wanted to share that I posted on an article on the website: I would recommend going to the site and reading the article and all the comments as well as mine. My comments, I believe, really addresses the issue that new energy will solve the economic problem which is directly connected to energy. My comments also give a brief synopsis that oil and energy is what really propelled the Industrial Revolutions.
  When the cost of oil/petroleum products increase then all products and services go up which causes inflation, wages go down and it hurts everyone not only in America but in the whole world since oil is now traded on the world market. I had heard about 7 years ago on a talk show that every product that is bought and sold on the world market (all products we buy in America) travels an average of 1400-1700 petroleum miles. That would be products on average that are shipped from China to food we buy that may only travel less than a mile. Even much of the products we buy have plastics in them which is petroleum. Whether you have a car or not you buy oil products including the phone you may be holding in your hand or in your pocket.

First Comment
The central problem here is not new electronic technology and computing but the "Energy" that they and our modern civilization run on. Gordon states and refers to steam power in the first Industrial Revolution. It wasn't the new "physical" steam engine it self but the coal and wood that was put into the combustion chamber to heat the water. You had to have the steam engine but it was worthless if you couldn't stoke the fires with wood or coal. Just like a smart phone or iphone is worth nothing if there is no electricity.
When drilling for petroleum gushed huge amounts of oil in 1859 and when combined with the new chemistry of cracking discovered by Benjamin Siliman in the 1850's, the the energy of one horse (horse power) greatly increased. What industry could do with one horse within one hour, a cheap gallon of gasoline was able to greatly increase. Refer to conversion charts in google or elsewhere, but 1 gallon of gasoline is equal to... now get this... 49.0814091684 horses working together for one hour or what we refer to as 49.0814091684 horse power (hp). (Of course this is dependent on the efficiency of the engine)
The second Industrial Revolution, Gordon refers to the contribution of the internal combustion engine. Like the "physical" steam engine, the "physical" internal combustion engine is worthless without the cheap gasoline. The more superior Energy is electricity and the AC motor. We can thank great electrical engineers such as Edison but even more so, when referring to the alternating current (AC) induction motor to histories forgotten genius, Nikola Tesla. Our current modern technological age has skyrocketed because of electricity and the motors they run on. They are the more superior technology. Electricity is even more efficient than gasoline. The future in cars is the electric car such as the Tesla roadster, Nissan Leaf, GM Volt, etc.
A lot of our electronic devices use electric motors such as blenders, food processors, the air conditioning in the car, house, power tools, etc. Go right down the line and electricity is the number one energy that all of our iPhone iPads, cell phones, laptops, computers, homes or cars electrical system, etc run on. If it wasn't for the battery and Tesla's electric coil in the car the internal combustion engine would have to be started with handle crank or lawn mower like pull cord from "human" energy.
Long winded but hopefully I am getting through. Even though the third Industrial Revolution is considered to be the computing or "information" age it still runs on the 2nd IR's Energy. Actually one could argue that Electricity was the one and only (or the more important energy) of the 2nd IR's energy and was over run or "run over" by the internal combustion engine. The electric car was the first horseless carriage the internal combustion engine took control because gasoline was a liquid and could be poured into the gas tank while the development of battery technology and storage of the electricity slowly progressed. Funding by the petroleum industry over ruled and it is reflected today by how much money and control they have on our world economic energy model and the U.S and World political systems.
The new Industrial Revolution will be mainly electricity and how we extract it. We get electricity now from Tesla's generator by the use of an electromagnetic field passing over copper wiring in the generator. But we have to use another form of energy to turn the motor such as gasoline, diesel, propane, bio-fuels, nuclear, discover fusion or a better way of extracting the energy from our main power source in the solar system.. which is our Sun. In the book "Sun and Earth" by Herbert Friedman, published in 1986 by Scientific American Library there is 5 million horsepower (per hour) of energy, per square mile from the Sun. One hp is equal to 746 watts of electricity so: 5 million hp per hour multiplied by 746 watts equals to 3,730,000 kw per hour in a square mile. We all kind of have an idea how much energy there is when we split the atom. It is believed to actually be more than that. It is believed that within one square centimeter (packed with atoms) there is enough energy to run the earth for a day. I have begun a blog at

Second Comment
To add to above, each Industrial Revolution mainly had two components: The Energy and a Transportation of goods/services/communications Vehicle.
No. 1 IR Steam power stoked by the Energy: Coal and Wood. Vehicle was the Railroad .
No. 2 IR Electricity and internal combustion (or petro chemicals), other combustibles such as natural gas as the Energies. The Vehicles were the automobiles, trolleys, still electric/diesel railroads but also information transfer by telegraph, telephone, radio, television, satellites, etc.
No. 3 IR Still runs on electricity and petroleum and the discovery of other combustibles such as natural gas as the Energies but the Vehicles are computers, computing and speed on electrical devices, etc.
For the No. 4 IR We need to switch to using cheaper forms of electricity and the newer electronic devices and newer modes of transportation that also run on electricity, fusion, antimatter, etc.
Maybe Electrogravitics and anti gravity propulsion's will take us beyond earth and to discoveries within our solar system, other star systems in our galaxy and universe. It will be much harder to go anywhere with World War II technologies such as solid and liquid fuels.

We need to have stars in our eyes and vision.
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The Energy Problem - Part 3


The New Manhattan-Energy Project 

   Before World War II, the Manhattan Project secretly discovered and developed how to split the atom, which lead to the development of the understanding of atomic, nuclear physics and the making of the atomic/nuclear bomb, and today's nuclear power. From the point of view of an advanced civilization looking in from the cosmos, it is equivalent to "the kids finding the matches." I am sure they would be thinking, as parents would, the damn kids have found the sacred match technology, the secret physics. They keep lighting and dropping the holy lit matches all over the carpet.
  We should be developing safe nuclear power for the United States and all the world. But "we" still haven't learned how to "hold and use effectively to our civilizations advantage" the lit match. And we (with other countries within the United Nations and NATO who are keepers of the sacred match technology), are desperately, through nuclear proliferation, trying to keep the matches away from the "uncivilized or under-developed" countries. How long will they beat the drums (skins of the dead animal that should be laid to rest) of war and the continual lectures to other less advanced countries "you can't play with the same sacred match technology that we have? Our leaders are basically saying if you even think of developing the holy match technology we will come over to your country, light a match and burn you." Still acting like children on the playground. It all seems to lead to war and unrest. More on this topic later.
  Just last week, Oct. 3, 2012, before the first presidential debate, I was listening to NPR's radio program, "Market Place" and a guest Stephen Dubner, "Freakonomics" co-author , came on talking about "The hidden side of U.S. economic growth and the question... Is it over?"  Referring to research of Northwestern economist Robert Gordon, who studies the long-term economic history of the U.S. says "That mega-growth in the 19th and 20th centuries was the result of two industrial revolutions. The first gave us steam power and railroads. The second, electricity, clean water, and the internal combustion engine. Compared with those innovations, our current era of portable electronic devices and computer evolution just doesn't hold up. While smart phones and computers have made our lives more convenient, they haven't fundamentally changed productivity or our personal welfare the way that, say, indoor plumbing and mass transit did."
"America's golden age of growth may have been exactly that -- a golden age, which by its nature cannot last forever," says Dubner. Dubner says that it may be time to start thinking about the U.S. economy not in terms of never-ending growth, but in terms of sustainability. Even so, that's not what you'll hear at the debates tonight."
Read the article below:
   Some believe that technology will save us such as iPads, iPhones, faster computing on these smart devices, laptops and computers. Crunching numbers, faster computing of inventories, the latest and fastest data analysis will give large and small businesses, corporations, governments, economies, countries, etc, better tools and insight. They will help make all a more efficient world. But these technologies run on energy/electricity derived from petroleum, coal, natural gas and nuclear power.

  It's the "cheap and inexpensive" exploitation of these and other natural resources that have propelled   the First, Second and Third Industrial Revolutions and now world economy FORWARD. What do you think will happen to our local and world economies when OIL, COAL, NATURAL GAS AND RESOURCES get too expensive and unaffordable? When gasoline got to be $2 - $3 per gallon, I sat home a lot more. When gasoline gets to be $5, $6 or more per gallon, how will that effect your daily habits, food and expenses?      ...I hope I am starting to hit home!

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The Energy Problem - Part 2


continued... America On Snooze

   We are living in a world where many things we have are taken for granted. We have our lives and families, which are and should be the most important things to us. To repeat a cliche' "the best things in life are free" (relatively speaking). Sure, as I had stated before, we do spend a lot of time and money on our families but when we all came into this world, we inherited the families that we have by default, chance, fate or destiny. Our modern society has put a price tag on the hospital, equipment, the doctors and staff, etc. They've got you coming in and they've got you going out (financially).
  All the modern equipment and technology comes with a cost. Technology, inventions that have evolved over centuries, from the wheel, crude tools, simplest devices, now have finally culminated with great speed into very advanced technologies. This was mainly brought about in the last 150 years from the Industrial Revolution but more specifically from the discovery of black gold, excremento de diablo, Texas tea or more commonly known as oil/petroleum (more about this greasy subject later).
  Most people don't really think about it, if ever, of how natural resources have had such a great effect on the new discoveries of science and speed in which these technologies have grown and thrived. We just go about our daily lives talking and texting on our phones, using our laptops, MP3  players,  etc.   The discovery of lithium, the chemistry and process of refining it have led to a better battery. Lithium-Ion is the best electricity storage that we have to date and it's in most of the latest, newest and greatest technologies that we all use daily more specifically smart phones, smart pads, laptops. If anyone else out there (besides my alter ego) is  reading this, most likely it's from one of these  devices.
  It was said by one of the worlds revered industrialists and financiers "The meek shall inherit the earth... but not the mineral rights." That sums it all up in that confident, cocky, smug, with a tinge of ego, synaptic brewed goo from the brain and tongue of John  Pierpont (JP) Morgan. It will reverberate throughout history. He is giving everyone 100+ years in the past when it was said, and the people of the future that contemplate that saying, a snap shot into the mind and thought process of the men who industrialized the nation and now the world. Religions bicker, fight, war and kill over religious philosophy of who is more humble and meek while the ground and earths resources are slowly being under mined beneath them. The earths people Machiavellian-ly bicker with each other, left vs right, red vs blue, black vs white, Democrat vs Republican, conservative vs liberal/progressive, socialism vs fascism vs communism, over social and political philosophy. Well guess what... YOU'RE MISSING THE POINT.
  There is a Long Emergency looming in the near future on the horizon if we haven't already crossed over the hill and the Rubicon. When Caesar crossed over that infamous river, even though his generals and advisers warned him against it, the Roman Empire was doomed... FOREVER. But men with great power, wealth, treasure and deep pockets find a way of reinventing themselves. Generally speaking, what do people with money want? More money. What do people with power want? More power. Absolute power corrupts, absolutely. And they like to keep it that way at whatever cost. "We have learned by sad experience that it is the nature and disposition, of almost all men (humans), as soon as they obtain a little bit of authority, as they suppose, will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion." Why do WE let them? Is it the distractions of life? As John Lennon said "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."
  I think distraction has a lot to do with what is voluntarily or involuntarily injected into our lives. For the last 50-60 years Americans have been caught up in, what author of "The Long Emergency" James Howard Kunstler calls, raptures of info-tainment. I remember noticing 15-20 years ago, while driving through neighborhoods on my way home or where ever I was going, the blue flickering lights in the dark windows of house after house after house. I've called them before, in social circles, the "blue-light emitting prop box." The "blue light special" of  advertisement, entertainment, propaganda tele-VISIONS to our brains-machine. It's a two edged sword. I love movies and enjoy entertainment, TV like anyone else and participate in commercial society, buy and use many things, products that we all have become accustomed (remember there may be another reason why it's called TV PROGRAMING). To emphasize and reiterate, I have nothing against technology and our civilization advancing forward into, as Dr. Michu Kaku and other physicists write about, a Type 1 civilization. But as of yet, we are kind of  failing at the Type 0, that is ZERO civilization that still relies on earthly mined energy products such as petroleum, coal, natural gas, wood.
For energy, we are basically still "rubbing two sticks together and throwing another log on the fire."